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Puer Mini Tuo from Menghai area, Yunnan province, made from the antique tea trees found there, uses the Shu Cha or “cooked” method of manufacture whereby the pu-erh undergoes an additional oxidation step that speeds-up the aging process and improves in taste over time. Fully fermented Shu (Ripe) Pu-erh with a rich, powerful and sweet hit after 6 years of aging, balanced by a complex earthy depth and delicious sour plum notes.The longer it stores, the better aroma & taste it will become.

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PLACE OF ORIGIN: Pu’er tea is comes from the China province of Yunnan.

PRODUCTION: aged Pu’er tea is created by secondary-oxidation and post-fermentation tea. This type of Pu’er tea is referred to as ripened, or cooked, Pu’er, which has a rich, mellow and earthy flavor. Unlike many other teas which should be consumed shortly after production, such as green and white teas, Pu’er tea can either be brewed immediately or it can be stored and aged for many years, much like a fine wine. Most Pu’er teas are classified by the year they were produced and the region they were grown in, much like many wine vintages. In fact, when it comes to Pu’er tea, the longer it is stored and aged properly, the more complex the flavor and the more valuable the tea gets.

BENEFITS: Pu’er tea is a wonderful tea for weight loss. It has been known for centuries for its ability to help break down fat in the body, digest fatty foods, increase your metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This tea is also ideal for those who are looking for long term weight loss maintenance when combined with a healthy diet. One scientific study shows that Pu-erh tea also contains polyphones which attack free radicals and toxins in the body, helping to prevent many diseases.

PREPARATION: Pu’er is generally expected to be served Gongfu style, generally in Yixing teaware or in a type of Chinese teacup called a gaiwan. Optimum temperatures are generally regarded to be around 95 °C for lower quality pu’ers and 85–89 °C for good ripened and aged raw pu’er. The tea is steeped for 12 to 30 seconds in the first few infusions, increasing to 2 to 10 minutes in the last infusions. The prolonged steeping sometimes used in the west can produce dark, bitter, and unpleasant brews. Quality aged pu’er can yield many more infusions, with different flavor nuances when brewed in the traditional Gong-Fu method.

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